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New Country, New Life

12 September 2018

Imagine that you are living in another country and you don’t speak the language and you are unaware of how the country’s administration works. You need to find a house, request a personal identification number and a tax number, open a bank account, deal with water, electricity and gas contracts, subscribe to health insurance, get a car and car insurance, and possibly other insurances too. How would you feel?

Facing a growing trend of foreigners wanting to live in Portugal, Ageas Portugal and Kleya Premium Living (KPL) created a joint-venture in response to the need for an integrated global service to facilitate the process of setting up home in Portugal. For Ageas, this is a business opportunity in this segment, with an experienced partner and a one-stop-shop service for foreign Clients who want to live or invest in Portugal.

We are facing a target with high potential, such as retirees, investors, active population looking for new challenges, students or foreigners who have a holiday home in Portugal.

A team was created to manage this project which incorporates a wide range of solutions adapted to the needs of Clients, allowing it to respond in a segmented way to the needs of each profile.

As responsible for Strategy and Innovation, the owner area,"this joint-venture is part of the Ageas Group strategy in Portugal and we believe it sets at international benchmark, improving the quality of life through the simplification of processes, a support and counselling service for people who have decided to make Portugal their host country".

Pedro Viegas, project manager, believes that "this approach has high potential and can be easily adapted internationally, at the level of the various entities that make up the Ageas Group”.

This partnership will be presented to the distribution networks during a series of commercial road shows, which kick off at the end of September. Potential Clients will also have visibility into partnership and services, including international fairs, online media and the press.