Ageas Portugal launches new intranet platform - iOne

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Ageas Portugal launches new intranet platform - iOne

03 September 2018

iOne was launched in mid-June as  the new Group level intranet platform in Portugal, unifying  employees in a single communication channel.

The new Intranet focuses on three things: Communication, Collaboration and Efficiency. When the new intranet project was conceived the starting point was that it had to be interactive.  The platform chosen to build the intranet  was SharePoint cloud-based with some innovative functionalities: communication sites for Departments and Projects, Document Management; Integration with Office 365 tools like Outlook, OneDrive and Skype for Business, Planner, Forms and Yammer. Of course it  wouldn’t be an effective 21st Century intranet without the social aspect – so iOne is integrated with the enterprise social network - Yammer - and an automatic feed appears on the homepage alongside  news so that people can keep up to date with the latest discussions and get involved as much as they like.
Usability and design were other key aspects in the development. The site  created needed to be an attractive and complete responsive interface, with good information architecture and  easy and intuitive navigation, reinforced with a search engine.

For the launch, the Internal Communication team created 2 quick videos to introduce iOne to the organization. The communication theme used was “Emojis”, considered as the newer form of digital communication. The videos had animated emojis with real voices of employees, causing a buzz in the company with people trying to find out who the voices belong to. All the ExCo members had their own personalised emojis to engage people in the new portal.


Since the launch, the new intranet has had more than 145.000 site visits, about 1.600 site visits per day.

In terms of next steps, a  Document library will be launched, unifying the repository of all the companies of Group Ageas in Portugal into a single portal. Also, two new collaborative spaces will be launched: classified  ads and a car sharing platform, both integrated with automatic feeds shown at the homepage.
iOne was designed to make the way we work more efficient, by making communication and collaboration easier and faster, at the same time addressing the needs of the users. This is a strategic platform that welcomes users to the future, a great starting point for digital transformation.