AG Insurance wins Corporate IT Award for Yongo!

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AG Insurance wins Corporate IT Award for Yongo!

26 November 2018

At the recent ‘Corporate IT Awards’, an annual event rewarding innovative implementations and usage of information technology in Belgium, Yongo received the trophy in the category ‘Customer Experience’

Launched in March 2017, Yongo was designed to help parents to save and invest for their children, based on life insurance products. The innovative aspect of this platform reflects the fact that parents, friends and family can deposit money themselves – online through the platform – to help the child reach a specific objective.

Yongo received the award in the ‘Customer Experience’ category based on the fact that it offers an experience to the customer in which they and their child are in the lead on their savings or investments. “Through this innovative approach, both in the conception and in the development, AG Insurance has created the first product completely in line with the insurance landscape in Belgium, and unique on the European market”, explained Benny De Wyngaert, Managing Director AG Insurance.

A product that goes beyond insurance

For the IT staff of AG Insurance, Yongo was an unique opportunity for a multidisciplinary approach, optimising the competences of each IT–er involved in the project (architecture, security, programming, governance,...). Ultimately, Yongo really transformed our IT department! With this project, AG Insurance laid new foundations – particularly in technology – and this will be indispensable with regards to future innovating developments in the company.